Policies & Statements

IET Quality Policy

It is our policy to ensure the continual improvement of the company’s overall performance and we aim to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. To achieve this objective, the company operates a Quality Management System that is described in the Quality Manual and satisfies the requirements of ISO EN 9001:2008. Adherence to this policy involves all of the company’s activities, products, services and their effects.

This policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the organisation.

Innovative Electronic Technology Ltd. is approved to ISO EN 9001:2008
Certificate No.: QC20022113.

IET Environmental Policy Statement

IET’s policy is to operate its business as a corporate citizen committed to sound environmental management and with concern for the well-being of our common environment.

Our goal is to develop and maintain an Environmental Management System satisfying the requirements of EN ISO 14001:2004 which forms the framework for minimising our environmental impact.

We ensure that company facilities and operations are in compliance with all relevant environmental standards. We believe that an appropriate balance can and should be achieved between environmental goals and economic health. We intend to be a leader in responsible environmental management. This requires each IET employee participates in and accepts responsibility for achieving the following goals:

  • Operation of our facilities in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Safe handling of production materials and byproducts.
  • Conservation and recycling of raw materials and reduction in the amount of waste generated by the company’s production processes.

IET Equal Opportunities Statement

Innovative Electronic Technology Ltd is an equal opportunities employer and is opposed to any form of discrimination on the grounds of sex, marital status, age, colour, race, nationality, ethnic origin, political or religious beliefs or disability. All employees of the company, whether full-time, part-time or temporary will use their best endeavours to promote the observance of the:

  • Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and 1986
  • Equal Pay Act 1970
  • Race Relations Act 1976, 2000 and 2003
  • Disabled Persons Act 1945-58 and the Discrimination Act 1995
  • Fair Employment Act (NT) 1989
  • Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003
  • Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003, Employment Equality Act (Age) Regulations 2006
  • All subsequent amending legislation and undertake to observe as far as possible, to codes of practice approved by Parliament which cover equal opportunities in employment.

IET Health & Safety Policy

IET recognises that it has a legal duty of care towards protecting the health, safety and welfare of its staff and others who may be affected by our activities. In order to discharge these responsibilities the following are practiced:-

  • The business is operated in accordance with the company’s health and safety policies and procedures, and in compliance with H&S legislation.
  • An organisational structure is provided that clearly defines H&S responsibilities and all that have responsibilities understand what they have to do.
  • The company ensures employees are experienced and trained as necessary to protect the health and safety of themselves and others.
  • Risk assesments are undertaken to identify all hazards and associated risks which are then eliminated or otherwise reduced to an acceptable level.
  • A Health and Safety Manual is maintained and periodically reviewed with steps being taken to remain up to date with changing legislation.