“Their strength has been down to tailoring the systems and software to meet my needs and those of my customer.”
Chris Worrall, Director, ATEC Security Ltd

“IET equipment is easy to install and you get the help you require when you need it.”
Danny Forder, Installation Engineer, ATEC Security Ltd

“Cova Security Gates Ltd have been successfully trading since 1987 and we specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and service and maintenance of Speed Gates, Crash Tested Speed Gates, Sliding Cantilevered Gates, Boom Barriers, Crash Tested Road Blockers, Crash Tested Rising and Static Bollards, Pedestrian Gates and Turnstiles. We have been working with IET since 1997 and they have always been able to respond to our needs
Jeremy Tettmar, Sales Director, Cova Security Gates Ltd

“Your response time is just unbelievable. I just wish all companies we are dealing with were anywhere near as quick and precise as you are.”
Erwin Schuster, Essex Industries Ltd

“I have known IET over 15 years. Their products meet all our needs in terms of customer satisfaction, design and product offering. They rarely need repair and when they do we get the technical assistance we need.”
Fraser Robertson, Technical Director, Emprise Services plc

“I’ve been using IET products over 10 years and am happy to recommend IET products to other people. It’s a pleasure to deal with such a supportive company.”
Shaun Jacobs, Electronic Integrated Systems

“Easy to use for end-users and easy installation for engineers, I’ve been installing IET products around 14 years.”
Steve Padgett, Secure Solutions

“I’ve been using IET products over 18 years and as a small access company we greatly appreciate the technical backup that they provide.”
Pete Rodden, Director, Unison Integrated Technology Ltd