IET access control systems have been deployed across a diverse range of sectors; from education and healthcare to industry, leisure and more. Access control is your answer to knowing who is in your building and when, enabling you to limit entry to those staff and visitors who should have access as well as preventing uninvited guests.

The security and other benefits of access control are equally applicable to small and large businesses, private and public organisations. Here are a few application examples:-

Banks – Here one can set security access zones to match the authority levels of bank employees. Multiple forms of ID or access by accompanied staff may also be implemented.

Building management – IET access systems can help you control your building lighting, heating and air conditioning. Access systems can also be integrated with lift control.

Car parks – Make use of area counting to limit entry when your car park is full and restrict access only to authorised vehicles.

The same access card or fob can be used as for your building or alternatively a simple PIN code may be used. Remote locations can also be served, all brought under a central control, whether local or not.

Education – Schools, colleges and universities use access control to manage the different access rites for staff, students and visitors. Cash less vending is also a consideration for some.

Health care – For hospitals and nursing homes, access systems can help you meet your duty of care obligations. In the community access control can help with monitoring home care support.

Hotels – Aside from managing guests, access systems also help manage staff with the front desk being able to see when staff have cleaned a room for instance. IET access systems can also be integrated with building management control, reducing the costs of lighting and air conditioning.

Military establishments – Reinforce your manned guarding by complimenting guard rounds with access reporting and central alarms being raised in the event of inappropriate door entries.

Offices – Access control systems can help you manage multiple tenancy office blocks. Magnetic stripe or proximity cards can also be combined with photo I.D. to ensure that only those eligible gain access.

Sports facilities – Make use of access control to manage season ticket holders as well as visitors. For instance one can integrate turnstile operations, with season ticket holders using proximity readers whilst club visitors use their match ticket printed with a bar code.

Time and Attendance – IET on-line systems generate reports for time and attendance. Use it for record keeping, identifying late comers or to integrate with full T&A software and payroll.

In summary access applications can be:


  • Security related
    • Staff access control
    • Visitor management – restricting access
    • Lighting control
  • Building management
    • Heating control
    • Lift control
    • Lighting control
  • Fire alarm muster
  • Cash less vending

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