IP-3L, Innoprox extended range reader

IET is pleased to announce that our new extended range passive readers have started shipping. The Innoprox IP-3L reader is well suited to car park applications, shortening the distance one needs to reach out of a vehicle. Operating at 125kHz, this reader uses the same low cost passive cards as IET’s Innoprox reader range.

Benefits and Features

• Up to 220mm (8.5″) read range with ISO cards
• Stylish appearance
• 330mm x 330mm x 10mm (20mm over circuit)
• Robust construction
• Flexible mounting
• Defineable card formats
• High security with encrypted output
• Low power consumption 45mA at 12V
• High durability (3yr warranty)
• LED and internal buzzer functions
• Terminal block connections
• Economically priced

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