Accessories for Integra and Tower

Here are a few of our special products; there are many more so please contact us to discuss your needs.

Building Management System (BMS)

The Building Management System card (BMSPCBASS) provides 16 x 2Amp relay outputs and has 24 inputs and an expansion port for additional customised interfaces. The card can be fitted in an expansion slot in Integra whilst a boxed version (BMS-TOW) including a 12v 1.8A power supply and standby battery is also available. For lift control a BMS Opto isolator module is also available.

For further information please download BMS datasheet (49kB)

Hand Held Programmer (TPROG)

Programming is extremely easy using this hand held programmer (TPROG) with simple “yes”/“no” commands and LCD display. The TPROG can be used to program a single Tower or Integra unit or program a complete network from any controller location.

TPROG may also be used for viewing system status, alarms and the complete system data base without the need for a central PC.

Reader Expander (RDREX)

The IET Reader Expander connects two card reading channels to a single reader cable. Used with Integra and Tower systems this allows effectively a doubling of the card reader capacity.  For further information please download the RDREX datasheet (108kB).