The Entra+ range offers a highly versatile solution for the management of all aspects of access control and security. The system provides cost effective access control packages with fully integrated security systems linked to its own building management software.

The heart of the Entra+ system is a sophisticated yet compact controller which can be used to control a wide range of readers and reading technologies including Mifare, HID, proximity, magnetic stripe and biometrics on the same network. This allows the most appropriate readers to be sited at each point. For example, long range proximity at the car park entrance, iris reader at the main entrance and short range proximity at other strategic internal doors.

The Entra+ controller is available in one and two door modules and can be supplied as PCB only or mounted inside a boxed 12v power supply.

The system provides the building blocks to create a fully integrated access control system, from a single door to a multi-site network with a number of controlling work stations.

The Entra+ system is controlled by Terminus, a powerful software package which provides an exceptionally user-friendly tool to control the network from a central PC or laptop. Additional workstations may be added to offer ease of management (for example, different locations in a multi-site complex or multi-building application) with different levels of control being allocated to each system manager.


Benefits & Features

  • Up to 25,000 card holders
  • Unlimited number of controllers per system
  • Unlimited number of doors per system
  • 1000 event log
  • 252 trigger events
  • Unlimited access levels
  • Up to 63 time zones
  • Alarm monitoring of security and fire
  • Extensive alarm, transaction, card holder, user log and roll call reports providing essential management and security information as required
  • Flexible access and user permissions
  • Multiple workstations using TCP/IP access
  • Multi-site management
  • The ability to use different reader technologies on the same network
  • Unlimited networks on the same system

The intelligent door controller supports all major reader types creating a total solution for your access control application. The controller has reader, RTE, door contact, auxiliary output and a 1.5A 12V lock output. The lock output may be changed on the board with a simple jumper from fail safe to fail secure.

To reduce on-site costs you are able to cable up to 10 controllers via a 46-60vdc bus, eliminating the requirement for a 230v fuse spur at each door. The controller converts the higher voltage down to 12vdc with a 1.5A output to each lock. All controllers have non-volatile memory.