Integra is a 4 door intelligent network controller. Linked together using an RS485 two wire buss Integra provides TRUE full Distributed Intelligence technology giving you a flexible building block system capable of expanding to meet your required door capacity.

Up to 63 units may be installed on the same network allowing control of up to 252 doors and up to 8 networks can be linked giving capacity of over 2,000 doors.

Benefits and Features

• 4 door intelligent network controller
• Expands to meet changing requirements and budgets
• Up to 138,658 card holders and 128 card groups
• 128 door groups
• Big system at a small price
• Simple installation and programming
• Comprehensive user friendly software
• TRUE full distributed intelligence
• Designed and manufactured in the UK

Integra supports all major reader types such as proximity, magnetic stripe and Weigand offering the total solution to access control applications.

Cardholder Features

Integra’s advanced cardholder features allow comprehensive restriction of cardholders to desired locations and times. The Buddy Group facility can be used in high security applications if a dual swipe of 2 cardholders are required to gain entry. Messaging to cardholders via the IET cypher pads provide high security as well as a useful management tool.

Door Features

Integra ensures safety, security and system manageability: Global Alarm Links can be used to open / close doors in an alarm condition anywhere on the network (e.g. in the event of a fire alarm). Multi-Level Anti-Pass-Back allows additional A.P.B. areas to be defined either within an existing area or as a separate area on the same network.

Cardholder Counter facility with alarm relay response is useful for many applications such as “Car park full” warning signs.

Doors In Free Access facility means selected doors can be programmed to open and close automatically by timezone (up to 32) or by timezone coupled with the use of specified cards (card activation). Local Door Airlocking for up to 4 doors can also be provided on one Integra unit.

Windows software is available, allowing total control of the network from a PC with the advantage of name files, card holder, alarm and transaction storage for audit purposes.

For full details please download the Integra datasheet (1.98MB) or contact us.

Building Management System (BMS) option

The IET Building Management System board offers an extra 24 alarm inputs and 16 relay outputs which can be used to control other building utilities such as lift control and integration with CCTV and intruder systems to provide the total security solution. The use of the optional add-on modules allows remote measurement of analogue voltages such as temperature sensors etc. This allows the access control network to provide many extra value added facilities.