Digital Keypads

The Easyweig Digital Keypad is a pin code pad that thinks it is a reader and provides either a magnetic stripe or Wiegand/proximity data output. It can take the place of or work in parrallel with a Wiegand or magnetic strip reader on any of IET’s access controllers and allows code only access with easily changed codes. By wiring the keypad in parallel with a matching reader visitors may use the keypad, whilst staff or club members can use their access cards in the normal way.

EasyWieg keypad

Benefits and Features

• Emulates both magnetic stripe and
weigand/proximity formats
• Allows code only operation on card entry
• Automatically includes site code with the PIN
• Non volatile storage of site code and format
• LED and audio status indication
• Robust stainless steel case and buttons
• Easy installation and set up
• Low power consumption

Need more information? Download the Easyweig datasheet (76kB) or contact us.

Easyweig with magstripe reader

Also available is Easyweig Reader a combined stainless steel magnetic stripe card reader and Easyweig keypad.

Need more information? Download the Easyweig Reader datasheet (255kB) or contact us.