The EasyAccess is a self contained two Door Card Reading Access Control System with built-in lock supply and easy programming.

Benefits and Features

Stand-alone door entry system
Two door control, easy to program
4016 max card capacity, zonable
Integral 1.8Amp door power supply
Magstripe, Prox or Wiegand Cards
Tamper alarm output
Forced door and door held alarm output
Block add and delete cards
Non-volatile system memory

The EasyAccess door entry system with its internal power supply allows a cost effective self contained access system to be quickly installed with the minimum number of boxes on the wall.

Because the card readers used are all remote from the control unit and the lock control circuits, a high degree of security is assured as tampering with the card reader connections will not affect the door locks.

The keypad with a Yes/No programming interface is equipped with LED and audio feedback so minimal familiarity is required to set up the system. Adding or removing cards may be done singly or on a block basis using the keypad. Cards may also be controlled by means of the Learn/Forget cards function.

Maintenance and installation are assisted by use of pluggable barrier strip connectors. Doors can be unlocked from the keypad or via the request to exit push button inputs for momentary operation.

Reliability is assured as EasyAccess makes use of cool running CMOS technology and non-volatile storage of card and configuration information.

The EasyAccess shares the same card formats as the I.E.T. Tower and Integra systems and so may be upgraded to an on-line system without having to re-issue cards.

Mains and low voltage power status indication is provided on the front panel.

Need more information? Download the EasyAccess datasheet (610kB) or contact us.