The EasyCode is a stand-alone push-button door access system available with fifty programmable codes. This compact and durable unit is elegantly finished in vandal resistant stainless steel and is suitable for either internal or external use.

Benefits and Features

• Stand-alone door entry system
• 50 non-volatile 4, 5 or 6 digit entry codes
• Timed strike or latching door operation
• Weather and vandal resistant, with forced door detection
• High quality stainless steel case and buttons
• Internal sounder for code acceptance
• Multi-function auxiliary relay
• Low power consumption
• Integral tamper alarm

Access codes are held in non-volatile memory in case of temporary power failure and may be of four, five or six digits depending on the level of security required. To avoid discovery by an onlooker the code may be entered as part of a string of numbers up to twenty digits long. Each code may be programmed to give a timed or latched release operation.

The unit has an LED indicator and an internal sounder for enhanced keyboard feedback. In addition to the door strike output the EasyCode offers a second programmable relay which can be used to indicate Tamper, Forced Door, Penalty Count and Door Open Too Long alarms via a remote sounder. This relay may also be used to activate an intruder alarm.

The EasyCode is slim enough to mount on the door frame and uses standard cable entries for ease of installation. Programming is equally simple using the positive action turned metal buttons.

Need more information? Download the EasyCode datasheet (68kB) or contact us.