Excelsior and Domain

The Excelsior Access Control System was originally designed by IET and made under licence by ADT for a number of years. IET still produces that control board; it is identical to that in the IET Tower Plus. For Excelsior product details download an Excelsior datasheet (610kB opens an external website).

  • Excelsior repairs can still be made
  • Expand systems using IET Tower Plus controllers
  • Hand held TPROG programmers are still available
  • Upgrade Domain with IET Terminus software
  • Let IET solve your problems….

IET continues to be able to support such systems, so please contact us as we will be pleased to assist.

Some history…..

Domain software
The Domain PC software is actually the same as the IET Wintacs software with a few cosmetic changes. We cannot support Domain, but databases are upwards compatible with Wintacs and Terminus. If your customer has a need for multiple workstations with a more advance package providing block card editing and a host of other functions, they can of course upgrade to our Terminus client/server package. Demonstration disks and brochures are available FOC from us.

Cards and Readers
Most Excelsior systems use Bank ISO format magnetic stripe cards and IET readers. Proximity or other Wiegand readers may be using either Siteguard or IET Tower formats. If the readers in use are Motorola Indala the reader and the card must both be of the same format. HID readers are format independent. If you have any doubts regarding cards or readers please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please Note: The Siteguard format is owned by Tyco, hence IET is unable to supply cards or Motorola readers in that format.